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Professor Saiid Saiidi

Civil and Environmental Engineering

NEES@Nevada is part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, which offers nationally ranked degree programs and cutting-edge research.

The NEES Equipment Site at the University of Nevada, Reno is a multiple-shake-table facility (with three identical biaxial and one six degree-of-freedom shake tables) that is suitable for conducting research on long, spatially distributed, structural and geotechnical systems.

The facility is also capable of testing conventional structural and non-structural systems by using the biaxial tables in large-table-mode and operating them as a single unit. The facility is operational and managed as a national shared-use NEES equipment site, with teleparticipation capabilities, to provide new earthquake engineering research testing capabilities for large structural systems through 2014.

This NEES equipment site will be connected to the NEES collaboratory through the high-performance Nevada Research Network that serves as the University's connection to Internet2's Abilene Network, with Gigabit Ethernet capabilities. Shared-use access and training will be coordinated through the NEES Consortium.

The University will integrate this shake table equipment into its earthquake engineering research program, undergraduate and graduate assistantships and internships, high school summer camps, and K-12 outreach. The University will also provide training opportunities for outside researchers through on-site courses and workshops.

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