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California quake points to research advancements in retrofitting older buildings

The 6.0 earthquake that rocked Napa, California, on Aug. 24 is placing the spotlight on efforts by property owners and municipalities to retrofit older buildings and improve their ability to withstand earthquakes.

Study shows local seismic isolation and damping methods provide optimal protection for essential computing equipment

In experiments aimed at securing essential electronic equipment, a team of researchers led by earthquake engineer Claudia Marin-Artieda is seeking solutions for protecting computer servers, backup power units, and other high-tech equipment by employing locally installed passive seismic protective systems, such as base isolation and damping.

Cold-formed steel construction performs better than expected in seismic tests

Engineering researchers have provided the building blocks necessary for enabling performance-based design for cold-formed steel buildings, structures that have shown in shake-test experiments at the State University of New York at Buffalo to withstand seismic loading much better than previously expected.

Talk focuses on ways to rebuild in quake-prone New Zealand region

Researchers studying methods to increase the resilience of structures built on earthquake-prone soils in New Zealand will discuss the methods during a national conference next week.

Earthquake engineering conference to highlight remotely installed pipe liners for earthquake-resistant pipelines

Earthquake-engineering researchers are meeting this month to discuss methods for improving the nation’s seismic safety, including the security of critical underground lifelines such as water and wastewater pipelines.

Purdue-led NEES joins earthquake engineers, industry leaders for conference, marking 50th anniversary of historic Alaska quake

Engineers, scientists, industry leaders, public policy experts, emergency responders, government agency officials and others will spend five days here in July to highlight advancements in earthquake damage mitigation and mark the 50th anniversary of the historic Alaskan quake that took 131 lives and caused $300 million in damage.

Conference talks focus on quake-vulnerable wood-frame buildings

Earthquake engineering researchers are meeting this month with policy experts to discuss efforts to improve the seismic safety of low-rise, wood-frame buildings - those no taller than four stories - which may have a "soft story" condition making them vulnerable to collapse even during a moderate earthquake.

Earthquake researchers get online primer for simulation method

Researchers from around the world now have access to expert instruction for an emerging simulation method to study seismic effects on structures and to design buildings that better withstand strong earthquakes.

New bridge design improves earthquake resistance, reduces damage and speeds construction

Researchers have developed a new design for the framework of columns and beams that support bridges, called 'bents,' to improve performance for better resistance to earthquakes, less damage and faster on-site construction.

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