Laboratory Photo Gallery

Browse our photo gallery to learn more about how the Large Scale Structures Laboratory is set up, including vehicle access, fabrication areas, and experimental facilities.

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Structures Lab 1_14-16 Structures Lab 1_14-15 Structures Lab 1_14-14 Structures Lab 1_14-10 Structures Lab 1_14-1 Structures Lab 1_14-4 Structures Lab 1_14-5 Bridge cranes Cranes in action Structures Lab 1_14-27 Structures Lab 1_14-24 Underside of laboratory floor Hydraulic hardline ports feeding a service manifold Temporary hydraulic hardline 3D rendering of a section of the test floor. testfloorplan Laboratory floor showing Dywidag tie-down Basement blow-downs and accumulators for the biaxial shake tables Experiment prep area in the basement North-side roll up door East-side roll-up door Roll-up door at south end of lab Access ramp to basement on north end of lab Staging Area, North Horizontal actuator attached to buttress Load buttress assembled from seven reaction blocks Reaction block form