User Fees

July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

The University of Nevada, Reno site consists of two state-of- the-art high-bay laboratories: Large-Scale Structures Laboratory (LSSL) and the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory (EEL). The two labs have 17,100 sq feet of structural floor space and a reaction wall. The EEL features three identical re-locatable biaxial (x and y in the horizontal plane) and one six degree-of-freedom (three translations and three rotations) re-locatable shake table. Each table may be operated independently, in-phase or differentially with the other tables. The laboratories also include multiple high-capacity high-stroke actuators (55-kips to 945 kips), high speed data acquisition and instrumentation.

Current User Fees for the site are listed in the table below. These rates are all-inclusive rates and include sensors, data acquisition and related equipment necessary for test setup and testing. They do not, however, include university overhead. These rates are subject to change and potential users should check with the Laboratory Director for the most recent scale of fees.

User Fees
CategoriesResearch ProjectsService-to-Industry Projects
* Personnel cost should be added to every equipment day. Personnel rate is for one-person day. Actual number of persons required for each equipment day to be determined by project requirements (one person minimum).
Non-Shake Table
Set-up $320/day $960/day
Test Day $480/day $1,440/day
One Shake Table
Set-up $780/day $2,340/day
Test Day $1,560/day $4,679/day
Two Shake Tables
Set-up $975/day $2,925/day
Test Day $1,950/day $5,849/day
Three Shake Tables
Set-up $1,365/day $4,094/day
Test Day $2,730/day $8,189/day
Four Shake Tables
Set-up $1,560/day $4,679/day
Test Day $3,119/day $9,358/day
Personnel Charge (including benefits)
Per Person* $509/day $509/day

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